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Asheville Firm Provides On-Demand General Counsel and Litigation Services

Accomplished attorney advises Southeastern businesses on a fixed-fee retainer basis

While small and mid-sized businesses require the same type of sophisticated legal counsel as large corporations, most don’t have the resources to maintain law departments or keep expensive law firms on retainer. Honeycutt Law Firm, PLLC bridges this gap by delivering high-level representation to Tri-State businesses of any size. With offices in Charlotte, Asheville and Nashville, the firm provides general counsel services through a pre-arranged, monthly fixed-fee arrangement. This enables businesses to manage their legal budget and control expenses while having prompt access to an established business and commercial law attorney. Experience counts in the selection of outside general counsel, and Mr. Honeycutt is uniquely qualified in this regard through his long representation of businesses, large and small, foreign and domestic.

Experienced lawyer assists companies in the Carolinas and Tennessee

The traditional hourly-fee model for legal representation no longer makes sense for many businesses. Changing technology and other advances mean that companies need an attorney who can provide prompt advice more than a few times per month. The firm’s outside general counsel services include:

  • Contract review and preparation — Drafting and review of commercial contracts, licensing agreements and other types of deal documents so that clients clearly understand the parties’ rights and obligations.
  • Transactional and lease matters — For real estate transactions, leases and commercial agreements, the firm negotiates effectively on your behalf and closes transactions without undue hassle or expense.
  • Business formation and operation — Whether you wish to launch a new venture or seek assistance with issues such as compliance or collections, the firm delivers knowledgeable counsel on the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Employment issues —If you have workplace issues, the firm can research, prepare and help implement useful policies while addressing problems that may arise with employees.
  • Directors’ meetings and corporate governance — To make sure that your company adheres to legal standards and protocol, the firm assists with board meetings and other vital corporate tasks and documentation.
  • Advisory counsel — Mr. Honeycutt provides companies with the the advice they need to handle a complete range of legal matters, such as corporate, liability, fiduciary and franchise concerns.

Honeycutt Law Firm, PLLC offers comprehensive legal support to clients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee for a monthly retainer fee that suits their needs and budgets. This means clients can rely on a controlled, fixed cost each month, and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that general contract matters, transactions, employment issues and other concerns will be promptly and professionally handled. Call for a free telephone consultation to discuss how the firm can help your business.

Seasoned advocate provides professional litigation management services

Effective and cost-efficient handling of legal disputes allows companies to overcome challenges and minimize disruptions. Honeycutt Law Firm, PLLC provides aggressive litigation management services utilizing statewide networks of hand-selected attorneys in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  Mr. Honeycutt, with his extensive experience as lead counsel in complex, multi-party, multi-district commercial litigation, is personally involved in coordinating and monitoring every litigation action filed or defended on a client’s behalf.

Contact a dedicated Tri-State lawyer for a free telephone consultation

Honeycutt Law Firm, PLLC provides general counsel services and litigation management support to clients throughout the Tri-State region. Please call 828-424-7127 for a free telephone consultation or contact the firm online. The firm has offices in Charlotte, Asheville and Nashville.


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